Partially influenced by my unhealthy obsession forĀ all things miniature, there is a soft spot in my heart for scooters as well as mini bikes.

Big money Sprint resto.

Mini Trial, ill take one of each please.

Awwww yiiiiss!!!! Shred all roads in this little guy. Believe it or not its a Harley!! I'll take it as is, right down to the dog art work.

Mini trail side hack?! yes please! Chris, this could be us...

Ahh, a Super Cub/Passport. I had one of these in highschool. Tons of fun right up unitl the throttle snapped while I had it wide open. Rev'd to a blow head gasket... sold that real quick.

:) bing ding ding dgin bding.

-home. part four, the Germans are coming!!