Duffy and I woke up in small town Pennsylvania in a hotel room with Family Fued on full blast... that'll beenough of that, off to the show

We had made the drive down from Lil Rhody to Oley PA ( In record fashion if I may ad), to see some motorcycles! I love motorcycles, you love motorcycles, we LOVE motorcycles!! This post is dedicated to the American representaion of steel, high octane, and rubber.

Its safe to say, as usual, that the Harley Davidson stable was the largest represented. Fear not readers, the Indian and Henderson boys were in strong attendence as well!

An old board track pacer. Wonderfull!!

1921 henderson roller was looking sweet. Dave, did you pick this up?

Indian Hill Climber in original condition :).

A top dollar restoration.

Another Henderson barn find with a sound matching as mean as it looked.

Indian thumper.

Hard tail original Indian WOD machine.

Lovely Indian Cruiser. I could do this.

A rare treat, a great unmolested example of a Reading Standard.

part 2 coming up, Brits and Euros!