Back in Rhode Island for a wee it.

Ran into Jake and went for a rather quick rip in his 66 Beetle. Took advantage of the dipping sun.

Found in a northern Rhode Island field, Jake pulled it out and back to his shop getting right to work on the quick project.

He seperated the pan from the body, split the engine, and brought the original paint back with 5000 grit exposing some hidden dings and fixes over the years.
A nice set of Fuchs were fitted, a narrowed beam, and a static drop were all added.

The newly rebuilt motor is generating 84hp. More than double the factory ponies. Fresh seats and a clean up of the interior finish it off rather nicely.

New guy Rob, Jake, and The Legend.

Matching spare - noted

The Legend is all about Beetles now!
The car has a new owner up in Mass. What's next Jake??