Five years and eight months since my last entry... Time flys. Took a job at a boat builder, had a couple of fun cars, did some motorcycling, spent two years in San Diego for work and met a girl, did a mechancial restoration on the r69s, more motorcycling, went to the holy land that is the Isle Of Man for The Classic TT... which more or less brings you up to speed. 

The next chapter is moving cross country to San Diego to start a life with said girl S. Flying out in June... driving out in August in the Oliphaunt. Really looking forward to that adventure. Besides seeing what is out there in the corners of the midwest, I will be interviewing motorcycle people on the way for my new project Talking Motorcycles  Spotify Apple. Blog posts from the road here on the RAD and Talking Motorcycles episodes on your favorite internet radio.  



BMW R69S March 2021